I'm glad you came to see me

I'm glad you came to see me,
I wish it weren't like this.
I was just curious ,
...So I scaled the fence.

I was minding my own business ,
And just sniffing around .
Then came this man,
With a mile wide frown .

He had a bat with him,
He was shooing me away.
He hit me across my back ,
I decided he had to pay.

I turned and I bit him ,
It was natural fight or flee.
I can stand my own ground ,
How dare he strike at me.

I barely snipped his hand,
But he had no right to strike.
I wouldn't even had been his way,
I just followed the kids bike.

My nose always gets me in trouble,
I could smell the steak they'd thrown out .
If I just had stayed home ,
I'd be fine , no doubt .

Now they are saying they have to kill me.
Do they not know what he's done ?
I'm the one that gets to suffer ,
While that man had his fun .

I have no say here ,
And they can't hear the truth.
The scanner said pit bull bite ,
so it's a tooth for a tooth .

Why do we get the blame ?
All the trouble for us comes from the hand of man .
Now here I sit , waiting to die.
And I know you're fighting, the best you can.

But if they decide I die ,
Don't you cry for me.
Just fight in my name ,
Because one day they'll see.

by Savana Frame

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